My teaching interests include Political Economy, Political Science, Game Theory, Econometrics and Research Design.  A summary of my teaching evaluations is available upon request.

  • As Assistant Professor at Trinity College Dublin

EC4170 Topics Political Economy - 4th year undergraduate

EEC7002 Microeconomics II - MSc Economics

Political Economy of Organised Crime and Media Bias - PhD Economics

  • As Fellow at the Government Department:

GV101 Introduction to Political Science (Professor Simon Hix) - Fellowship 2014-2017 
In 2016 and 2015, I have received a nomination for a Staff Teaching Excellence Award by the Students at the LSE.

  • As Lecturer at the Government Department:

GV264 Economics Institutions of EuropeBSc Government and Economics

  • As Teaching Assistant at the Economics and Government Department:

EC260 Economic Policy Analysis (Professors Torun Dewan, Valentino Larcinese) - Summer 2013

Mathematics and Statistics for Public Policy (Professor Daniel Sturm) - EMPA 2014

Empirical Methods for Public Policy (Professor Daniel Sturm) - EMPA 2015

Fiscal Budgeting (Professor Joachim Werner) -EMPA 2015

Political Science and Public Policy (Professors Andy Eggers and Simon Hix)