Hi, welcome to my website!

I am an Assistant Professor of Economics at Trinity College, Dublin.

I am also affiliated at the Political Economy and Political Science Group of the London School of Economics and at the Institute for Quantitative Social Sciences at Harvard University

 My research interests center on political economy and applied microeconomics.

I am specifically interested in distortions and inefficiencies that impede the correct functioning of democratic and economic systems.  

I try to tackle questions such as: What is the impact of organised crime and civil conflict on the provision of public goods and on the allocation of public resources? How strongly can media affect public opinions? Answering to these fundamental questions is not trivial. As a result, my work uses innovative data sources and leverages a variety of statistical methods and quasi-experimental research designs for the identification of causal relationships. 

My working papers are available here and my Curriculum here. Please do not hesitate to contact me about ongoing research projects.